2019-2020  teaching

I work with Raleigh schools and organizations to teach programs through the United Arts Council Artists In Schools.   All programs are suitable for elementary or middle school students and adaptations are made following grade-specific NC Essential Standards for Visual Arts.  If you are interested in learning more or to book me to come to your location, follow the LEARN MORE button below to fill out a booking interest survey. 


Program Offerings:

Coral Reef

Coral reefs are amazing, vibrant ecosystems that are home to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures.  We’ll take a look at some of them and touch on how we can take steps toward protecting reef habitats all over the world.  We'll also discuss the role of marine biologists.  Recycled or inexpensive materials will be used to create a whimsical reef scene.  Up to 12 coral types may be discussed and emulated in the final piece.


Cartography (mapping) 

Mapping Our Worlds

Cartography is one way humans have sought to create order, establish boundaries and better understand the world around them.  Making a map is a fantastic way to visualize a lot of information, but maps can take a lot of different forms. We’ll take a look at 3 types, observing what they share in common and how they differ.  Basic map reading skills will be covered and students will try their hand at being a cartographer.  We will use the Japanese method of Suminagashi paper marbling to create the base for our maps, then design symbols and demarcations to overlay on the maps.

Charting Unknown Worlds

An alternative program option with an astronomy focus.  We'll leap into outer space to learn all about our solar system.  We'll look at the difference between planets and stars, discover why some are hot and some are cool, and why scientists are excited to discover thousands (if not millions) more exoplanets.  Each student will create their own "exoplanet" using the Suminagashi ink marbling process, and will work with classmates to construct an entire fictitious planetary system.


Community hive

Students will explore the industrious, efficient methods of honeybees and other pollinator friends and work collaboratively to create a large-scale project. During most of the program, students will work in teams and delegate tasks in order to complete the collaboration. The project will be tailored to the school. Examples include: wire art (for indoor or outdoor display), a garden bug hotel, an indoor honeycomb.


Design Your Own

Have a spot in your school that needs a facelift with a bold, large-scale art piece?  Want to design a unique, inter-disciplinary, collaborative project for a specific grade level?  Let's design a tailored project just for your school!