"Hot Mess" Nights

So you've tried your hand at encaustic painting but haven't got all the equipment and space to make your newly-dreampt-up-waxy-creations at home?


Whew, do I understand that!  (For awhile, I worked out of my carpeted bedroom.  And although I have a very supportive husband, I think we both got tired of the hot mess!  Not to mention, the unsuccessful attempts to get wax out of the carpet...and curtains....and.....)  


Problem solved: come join me in Studio 103 on "Hot Mess Night" next Monday (Feb 13th) from 6-9 pm.  You will have access to some work space and all the equipment you need to work on a new or unfinished encaustic project!  More details are here.


And don't worry - if you can't come this time around, more dates will be posted soon!