Day 6

Today was day 6 (of 10) work days in the studio. Dal Schindell started us off this morning by sharing about his artwork and life story. He TA’d for Hans Rookmaaker and his subject matter ranged from self portraits to asylum patients, skulls and dwarfs. Dal’s work primarily addresses death and conversely, life.

We had several people stop in to see us in the studio today, including Brian’s wife and 4 children! It was great to have kids in the studio and watch how each artist explained their artwork to such a young audience. Kathy and I put on a kid-friendly encaustic workshop, and the creative sparks flew. Haley (age 9) started painting with her feet! (Later in the evening, I gave a more adult-friendly encaustic workshop to the other artists.)

I’m content thus far with the progress I’ve made in the studio. I have 18 panels near completed and only 3 more to do. I have a lot more logistical stuff to do, but the end is in sight!

Creating this body of work in community has been amazing for me. The work is a sort of commentary on community (the local and global church) and working alongside of others during the process has given my work a new depth and legitimacy. It’s been a joy to be around such experienced and gifted artists! I am learning a lot from each artist, the way they think and the way they engage the world through their art.

The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset. I’ve noticed that the license plates around here say “Beautiful British Columbia.” And I say Amen to that!

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